Buying Your First Home: Don’t Forget to Consider These 3 Factors

It’s nice to live in a place you own. Just imagine going home to your front doorstep, opening the keys to your place, and entering a space inhabited by only you—how amazing that would be, wouldn’t it? Although having a residence to call your own would be the dream, the process of getting there is far from it.

The House-Hunting Nightmare

Owning a home is nice, but finding one isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Anyone would want to just skip to the part where they already have the keys to their residence, but unfortunately, this is real life, and there’s no fast-forward button. If you want to purchase a house, you must be prepared to go through every nitty-gritty part of the procedure!

Besides hoping for the best, you shouldn’t forget to expect the worst. Knowing what to expect and being aware of all the things that can prevent you from buying your home is essential if you want to own a place you truly want.

For now, set your excitement aside and prepare yourself for potential problems with:

  • Affordability;
  • Bidding wars;
  • Mortgage approval;
  • House features; and
  • The neighborhood.

What to Remember Before Buying

You probably have an ideal house in mind before you’ve even begun searching for options. However, keep in mind that things may not go as you planned. There are various factors involved with buying a home, so what you want may not be what you get. 

This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to put up with something you don’t want, though! As long as you read through our list below, you’re sure to find a house that you’ll be happy about despite the limitations and few shortcomings.


Your budget is crucial, as it will determine what kind of properties you can purchase. What you want may be different from what you can afford—it’s essential to create a budget for this purchase so that you won’t end up buried in mountains of debt after everything.

To figure out a budget you can work with, use a home loan calculator, consult sources such as PaloRATE, and compare the best mortgage rates for your financial circumstances. Once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of each option, you can then apply for a home loan.


Are you planning on living alone forever, or do you want to start a family a few years down the road? It’s essential to ensure that you have enough space for your lifestyle and room to grow if you plan to do so.

Besides room for a future family, the size of your house will also impact different aspects of the home’s uses and potential, so you mustn’t forget to consider this. Moreover, you should also take note of the lot’s shape, as it will affect your privacy and the form of your lawn.


The age of the house is one of the most important things you should remember to consider because it could have a significant impact on your budget. An older home may have the charm and appeal you’re looking for, but you will most probably need to do a few repairs and renovations to make it more livable.

If you don’t have enough budget to do any renovations, then a house built more recently is recommended. However, if you want to purchase an older property, you should first consult your realtor so that you can learn more about the house you’re eyeing to determine if its repairs and upgrades could be manageable. 


Buying a residential property will perhaps be one of the most significant milestones and financial investments you will ever have in your life. Once you have a place you can truly call your own, you can enjoy security, comfort, and most of all, control. 

However, before you get to own a house, you have to first go through the long, arduous house hunting process. So, if you want to end up with a home you’re grateful to live in, make sure to follow our guide and reach out to a skilled professional that can help you with home loans.

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