Is Building A Custom Home a Good Idea in 2020? Here’s What You Need To Know

The cost of building a new home has decreased in 2020, and this may have you grappling between getting a loan for a new construction or one for a pre-owned home. Here are the advantages of building a house from the ground up.

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Building a Home Versus Buying A Pre-Existing Home

Customize the Floor Plan: If you go for a custom-built property, you can choose whether you want the layout to lean toward traditional or modern. You can incorporate specific elements such as a home office removed from the main living area, an upstairs laundry room, or even a kitchen with large sliding glass doors that open to an outdoor entertainment area. While customizations are possible with a pre-existing construction, there may be limits to how much you can alter.

Efficiency: New constructions are built to meet current building codes and are generally more energy-efficient, making it less expensive to heat and cool the home. Lower utility bills can add up to saving thousands of dollars over the years. While these upgrades can be done to pre-owned homes, the cost and inconvenience during construction can prove too much for homeowners.

Smart and Healthy Home: Modern capabilities allow you to incorporate technological convenience into every aspect of your custom construction. You can automate the internet, entertainment systems, climate controls, and even your alarm system. Builders will often use low- and zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) building materials and paints, improving indoor air quality for all. Replacing asbestos-laden materials in older homes is possible, but it’s also hazardous and requires a specialist. Work and materials can add up quickly for a project like this.

Maintenance: Newly built homes need less maintenance since everything is brand new. With a custom home, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the most common and expensive home repairs, like your roof and HVAC system, won’t need any attention for some time. You’ll also be in a better position to predict monthly homeownership expenses. Remember that most new appliances and installations will come with some sort of warranty!

No Competition: Since the custom-built home is already yours, you’ll eliminate the stress of competing with other offers on your dream home.

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